What Is Invisalign

Why Choose Invisalign to Straighten Your Teeth?

Invisalign is an effective way to straighten your teeth. Instead of using metal wires and brackets (like normal braces), Surrey Invisalign is a piece of clear plastic that you would wear to straighten your teeth. The best part is – it is unnoticeable to other people. That is why many people choose to use Invisalign in Vancouver  to straighten their teeth.

Main benefits of using Invisalign: 

Highly effective for teeth straigthening

Almost invisible when wearing it

Faster results

Comfortable to wear, no poking

Easy to eat, floss and clean

What is Invisalign and How Does it Work?

A series of clear, removable aligners are produced at the start of the treatment. Each aligner set is worn for about a two week period; you remove them to eat, drink, brush and floss your teeth and you must wear them the rest of the time. At the end of the two week period (or the time period prescribed by your treatment plan), you replace the aligner with the next set in the series.

This continues for the whole dental program prescribed. Your teeth are being moved by these aligners until they have straightened to the correct position. Every six weeks, you will need to visit our office to check on the progress and ensure that the re-alignment is proceeding according to the plan.

Average Treatment Period

9—15 months

Average Number of Aligners Worn


Average Use Life for Each Aligner

~2 weeks

Check Up With Your Orthodontist

Every 6 weeks
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Common Conditions of Orthodontics

At PacificWest Dental Group in Surrey, we are passionate about providing our patients with quality orthodontic treatments. We care about you and your family, and we treat a range of conditions. Here are the types of malocclusions we resolve through various means, including braces and Invisalign. Dr. Wang and Dr. Lee are here for all your Surrey orthodontic needs.


Invisalign can be used to treat these common teeth alignment issues:

Crowded Teeth

Crowded teeth or overcrowding occurs when the jaw bone is too small for teeth to grow straight into the mouth. It causes teeth to rotate and overlap against each other to fit in. The result is crookedness and misalignment.

Irregular Spacing

The teeth must be a certain shape and size to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. If a tooth doesn’t fit properly, it can cause issues. Dr. Wang and Dr. Lee understand how to address this issue. Invisalign braces are a great treatment option.

Open Bite

An open bite happens when the front upper and lower teeth slant outwardly. It stops them from touching one another when the patient bites down. At PacificWest Dental Group, our staff understands how to correct bite issues using Invisalign braces.

Under Bite

Underbite occurs when the teeth along the lower jaw protrude out farther than the upper front teeth. It happens because of incorrect jaw alignment. With our expertise in dentistry, Dr. Lee and Dr. Wang can help you with orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign.

Over Bite

When the upper jaw and teeth extend too far over the teeth on the lower jaw, resulting in the appearance of a protrusive upper lip and teeth, or buck teeth, overbite is the culprit. The issue is common and can be addressed with Invisalign. Consult with Dr. Lee and Dr. Wang to find the right option for you.

Cross Bite

A cross bite is present when a tooth or several teeth are too close to the cheek or tongue. It prevents the teeth from biting against each other normally, making it harder to chew. Everyone, from teens to adults, can have this bite issue. During your consultation appointment with Dr. Lee or Dr. Wang at our Surrey office, you can learn about various treatment options, including Invisalign, which is quickly growing in popularity.

Deep Bite

When there’s too much overlapping between the top and bottom front teeth, a deep bite occurs. Patients might not even realize they have a deep bite until they book their first appointment. That’s what Dr. Lee and Dr. Wang are here for. As experts in orthodontics, our staff focuses on making patients feel comfortable and safe during their appointment.

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Certified Invisalign Provider in Surrey and Vancouver, BC

Invisalign braces are a trademark brand of clear, invisible and high quality aligners for your teeth. As part of its orthodontic care program, PacificWest Dental Group offers Invisalign® treatment, as well as a range of other types of orthodontic braces.

Do you want braces that are clear, removable and invisible, yet still perform effectively at straightening your teeth? Invisalign® aligners will help you get the beautiful straight teeth you’ve always wanted – without traditional braces. PacificWest Dental Group’s, Dr. Wang is a certified Invisalign provider and will offer you a complimentary consultation to determine if Invisalign is the best choice for you.

Why Would You Want to Use Invisalign?

While these aligners are invisible, they are also removable. This means that you will be able to eat all types of foods (sticky, chewy, hard, and soft) while undergoing treatment.

You will also be able to easily clean your teeth (brushing and flossing) without any obstacles. The aligners are comfortable and, unlike some other orthodontic appliances, you will find that they do not cause soreness or abrasions during treatment.

Since there are no metal, wires or elastics used with the aligners, you will find that you require fewer appointments at the orthodontist because you require fewer adjustments.

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During your initial consultation, we will understand your situation, perform a visual examination of your bite, recommend a treatment plan and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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