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Our Response to COVID-19

Effective 3/20/2020, PacificWest Dental Group will temporarily suspend operations. We will be available at both locations on a limited basis for emergency appointments.


Head, Neck & Jaw Pain Control that works!


A revolutionary therapy combining advanced dentistry with sports medicine techniques to relieve the discomfort of Head, Neck & Jaw Pain.

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Dr. Wang and Dr. Lee are Certified Orthodontic Specialists who share their insights regularly on our blog

Our Response to COVID-19

Effective 3/20/2020, PacificWest Dental Group will temporarily suspend operations. We will be available at both locations on a limited basis for emergency appointments.


We take pride in our progressive dental specialty office, offering quality orthodontic, prosthodontic, periodontic, and oral surgery care in a modern, professional environment. 
Our goal is to achieve the highest level of patient health and satisfaction, and contribute positively to our community.

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Comprehensive Care

Our expertise includes orthodontics, prosthodontics, periodontics, oral surgery, head and neck pain, and sleep apnea

Contemporary Approach

We have the state of the art technique and technology to minimize the treatment time while improving your comfort

Your Priorities First

From flexible payment plans, extended hours, and convenient locations, we are here for you!

Customized Treatment

Every smile is different, and so should the treatment needed to make them perfect

We Want To Meet You

Dr. Wang and Dr. Lee are experienced orthodontists who work to give their patients a healthy and deserving smile. Whether you or your child experiences teeth crowding, overbite, or jaw pain, the team at PacificWest Dental will take care of you. With offices in Surrey and Vancouver, we hope to be your orthodontic practice of choice.

We are happy to offer prospective patients a free consultation so that you fully understand how we can help you. What your first visit will look like:


Form Completion


Teeth Assessment

Treatment Discussion

Recent Reviews

“I am close to the end of treatment and am so impressed with the consistency in service excellence I receive from the entire staff at PacificWest Dental Group. I am actually sad that my braces are coming off soon! I would highly recommend PacificWest Dental to anyone considering orthodontics!”
– Helena W.
“Just got my braces off and my teeth look amazing! The doctors and staff are always super nice and friendly, I would definitely recommend if you’re looking to get braces!”
– Stephanie Y.
“I’m happy to be referred to PacificWest Dental for my son’s orthodontics. Dr. Wang is great and the staff is very helpful and friendly. Highly recommended.”
– Trina T.
“This is my second visit. the staff here are super friendly. Doctor Wang takes time to work on my teeth. So far so good.”
– Luxi Z.
“I always enjoy my visits to Dr Cheng’s office. Everyone there is so nice and helpful.”
– Tracy N.
“I had them for two years now and it has been great! I am getting close to getting my braces off so I am happy to see them”
– Timothy C.
“Fantastic transformation”
– Altamish A.
“Amazing people who take excellent care of you leaving you nothing to worry about!”
– Doan T.
“Out of visiting 6-7 orthodontists, I decided to go with this office because the orthodontist took his time to review my case and I didn’t feel rushed like in other practices. He seems to want the best outcome for your teeth in the long run, which is very important. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. This office was also the most cost-effective for the braces I wanted to get which are the clear ceramic self-ligating braces for the top and bottom teeth. The office is also clean and modern.”
– Lupe M.
“Maria did a good job putting on my new wires.”
– Cathy H.
“Very nice and gentle. I can see my teeth have improved.”
– Emily C.
“Nice staff and happy with result!”
– Manraj D.
“I feel really happy with the outcome of my teeth and now I’m more confident to show off my teeth and smile with my mouth open”
– Ariyana L.

We’d love to hear how we are doing!

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Would you be interested in a free smile assessment?

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