6 Reasons Why Braces Are So Much Better Now

Braces have improved since the days of headgear, and maybe even since you last got braces yourself!

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Braces can now be minimally visible depending on the treatment


  1. Minimized pain – Remember dreading going to your next appointment to get your braces tightened? The pending pain almost made going to the dentist not as terrible. But, there is now this thing called “low-level laser therapy” that essentially reduces that pain. Amazing.
  2. Faster treatment – Back in the day it would take 2-5 years to get your teeth straight. The thought of all those “brace face” years made you want to start smiling with your mouth closed. But now there’s the “low-level laser therapy” and other cool ways to speed up the process. Say bye-bye to all those awkward pictures!
  3. What braces? – Invisalign has grown in popularity over the years, and there’s a reason why – you can work on getting straight teeth without showing all that metal in your mouth! A total 180-degree change from those headgear days…
  4. All that goop – One of the first (and last) steps of braces treatment usually involves getting a mold of your teeth. Putting that contraption in your mouth just welcomed a gag reflex. Now all of that is unnecessary! There are these cool scanners that can put together your teeth and bone structure with more laser-type tools. Pew pew!
  5. No more retainers! ‘m just kidding. Even with all the new technology, you still need to wear retainers after your Treatment of braces in Vancouver, so hopefully that makes you feel better
  6. Time saver – Driving to all those orthodontist appointments took a lot of time. Well, maybe more of your parent’s time. But now there are ways to speed up the treatment at home meaning fewer visits to your orthodontist! No, we’re not talking about DIY treatments here. We’re talking fully FDA-approved technology. You gotta love technology!

At PacificWest Dental, we are happy to provide our patients with modern, yet still personalized care. We aim to make sure braces don’t impede your lifestyle. We get that braces can be inconvenient so we want to make your treatment with us as easy as possible. We’d love for you to learn more here.

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