8 Reasons Why Braces Are Fun

… Especially at PacificWest Dental


  1. Challenge, accepted – Because who doesn’t like a challenge. You can totally get through the next few years of braces. Just believe in yourself!
  2. Next up: an amazing smile – Close your eyes, and just imagine: a regular sized bite, your teeth all straight, and a picture perfect smile. Who doesn’t want that!
  3. More rewards! – At PacificWest, we like to give our patients a huge thank you when they arrive to their appointment on time, follow instructions to wear elastics, and more. We have a loyalty program that lets you earn these points for awesome gift cards
  4. Wax on, wax off – Did you ever play with the melted wax off a candle when you were younger? Well, you can embrace your inner child and actually get to play with wax now. Although we recommend just putting it on your brackets or wires when you need to
  5. Easier flossing! – Not when you have braces, but when your teeth are straight and flossing is just a simple wiggle to get your teeth clean. It’s definitely easier flossing straight teeth than crooked teeth!
  6. More accessories! – Think of your elastics as a new accessory. You can choose the colours of your elastics based on your personal preference, seasonal festivities, or team spirit colours. The choice is yours!
  7. Guilt free ice cream – When you go in for your routine check-up, you are likely to feel some pain. One of the best solutions? Ice cream. Or froyo. Enjoy it guilt free because hey, it helps reduce the pain
  8. It’s a milestone – Braces are so common now that it’s become a milestone in life. Embrace it! Many of your friends probably have had or will have braces in their lifetime


There’s nothing wrong with getting braces, and we want you to have fun (or at least live your regular life!) while you have braces. Everyone at PacificWest knows what you’re going through, so if you need someone to talk to, we’re here for you!



Dr Wang

Dr. Wang, DDS, MSc, FRCD(C)


Orthodontic specialist, founder of PacificWest Dental Group. Helping people get the perfect smile since 1994!

Dr Kevin

Dr. Kevin Lee, DMD, MSc, FRCD(C)


Specialist in Orthodontics, UBC alumni. Love helping patients get a beautiful smile. Part-time clinical instructor at UBC. 

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