The Benefits of Using BC Head Pain for TMJ Treatment

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The BC Head Pain Institute’s system for TMJ treatment in Surrey can make a real difference for people suffering from Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, or TMJ. This disorder, which affects many people, causes chronic pain including headaches and jaw problems in Surrey.

TMJ strikes when the temporomandibular joint is not functioning properly. BC Head Pain Institute addresses this by taking clear, accurate measurements of your specific anatomy, uncovering the physical problems that are causing you pain.

Treatment at BC Head Pain Institute also includes a detailed history of headaches and migraines, a muscle exam, a head health questionnaire, and a bite force analysis, giving your dentist better insight into your particular condition. This means that therapy for TMJ treatment is truly custom-built for you.

The revolutionary system uses treatments like therapeutic ultrasound and manual manipulation of the muscles to release tension. Your dentist may use electro-current or low-level laser technology to treat your specific pain, all of which are safe and effective. Treatments are short and painless. You will spend less than an hour undergoing each treatment, which is non-invasive and does not require any medication.

Because treatment is so minimally invasive, this treatment does not carry the risky side effects you may find in more complex treatments, like surgery. TMJ can often be treated without surgery if the problem is accurately diagnosed and the causes are explored. You will experience a reduction in pain without having to worry about costly, agonizing treatments that cut into the quality of your life.

BC Head Pain Institute’s treatment is a holistic approach, taking a look at the wider picture of your whole-body health. If you are committed to dealing with your TMJ symptoms but do not want to subject yourself to unnecessary treatment interventions, consider this revolutionary system – none of the pain, but all of the benefits.

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