Five Ways to Ease Your Worries About Adult Braces


Despite the increased number of adults getting braces, orthodontic treatment is considered to belong to the realm of teenagers. If you’re an adult who’s considering getting braces (or maybe your treatment has already begun), you may be feeling a little self-conscious or anxious about it. But now that you’ve realized that a straight smile is something you want for your life and you’ve decided that getting orthodontic treatment is in the cards, allow us to offer you some reassurances:  shutterstock_104071613_woman

  1. Know that you’re not alone

According to WebMD, adult patients today make up nearly half of all orthodontic patients. You may know a friend, colleague, or family member who has had braces while an adult, and going about your daily business, you are likely to encounter adults from all walks of life with braces. As people live longer, even an increasing number of senior citizens are getting braces.

  1. Be grateful for modern technology

The days of “metal mouth” are long gone, and conspicuous orthodontic equipment like headgear is rarely needed anymore (except sometimes at night). Today’s orthodontics are more lightweight, subtle, effective, and comfortable than ever before. Options like Invisalign or lingual braces are so discreet that people may never know you’re in orthodontic treatment.

  1. Look forward to the health benefits

People with crooked or crowded teeth or malocclusions (misaligned bites) have an increased chance of plaque buildup and getting food trapped in their teeth. These can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Perhaps you want braces in Vancouver because of speaking or eating problems. Once your treatment is complete, your oral health will be much stronger.

  1. Look forward to the social and psychological benefits

Once your braces are removed, think about how wonderful it will feel to be proud of your smile. You may currently feel embarrassed when meeting new people, when at a professional event, or simply when someone is taking a photo of you. If this is how you feel, look forward to the day when smiling will be a source of joy.

  1. Be confident in who you are now

Sure, you are probably looking forward to the day when you can flash your new beautiful smile to everyone you see, but don’t forget to feel confident in yourself today. We live in a world of increased diversity and acceptance. Our towns and cities are filled with people from all sorts of backgrounds, languages, and ethnicities.

People carve out their looks and identities. So you have braces?

You’re just adding to the mix that makes our world wonderful.

Remember that by getting braces you’re deciding to take charge of your life, improve your health, and invest in your well-being. That’s something to be proud of!


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