Meet Ellen, a Hardworking Mom

Have you always wanted that perfect smile but kept putting it off because you thought it was not possible? Perhaps you are missing teeth or have such crooked teeth that you don’t know where to start? Or your gums are in bad shape and your teeth may not last that much longer? Or you simply have a “little problem” but your present dentist has not been able to find the right solution for you?

We’re happy to share the story of Ellen with you, and illustrate how our comprehensive approach to your dental issues will be addressed.

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Ellen is a 48 year old mother of 2 grown children who received all the dental and orthodontic care they needed over the years. She’s always been “too busy” to really take care of her own smile, but now she’s being told that her teeth have deteriorated to the point where if she doesn’t do something drastic, she will begin losing her teeth and have to wear dentures.

She never really liked her smile because her teeth are slightly crooked and some teeth are missing from childhood extractions due to cavities and crowding. Growing up, she rarely smiled and often tried to hide her teeth in social situation because she was embarrassed by them. She feared dentists from bad experiences as a child, and now the prospect of losing all her teeth and ending up with dentures like her parents scared her even more. She just didn’t know what to do!

Ellen began to explore her options by visiting a couple of dentists. She received the same response every time: that she will need to see several different dental specialists but no one could give a clear picture of what she actually needed. In addition, she was not given an estimate of the amount of time it might take and an overall cost. What is even more frustrating is the fact that when she tried to make the appointments with the specialists, she found that some are very far away, or do not have appointments available for several months.

Ellen attended a family wedding that summer and sat next to her old friend Debby that she had not seen in over a decade. When Ellen saw Debby, she thought to herself “Wow, Debby has really aged well! She looks so radiant – look at that smile!”

Ellen thought back to their time together in their twenties and realized that Debby’s smile definitely didn’t look as good back then. By the end of dinner, Ellen finally asked Debby about her teeth. “How did you get that beautiful smile?”

Debby told her that she has been going to PacificWest Dental Group for the past five years for comprehensive treatment, after not having seen a dentist for over 15 years. The group of dentists there were able to transform her “hopeless” case into a smile that she is proud to show off! Everything was done in one place and all her appointments were arranged for her in a timely matter, at her convenience. Now she has the smile that she always wanted and never thought was possible.

Ellen decided then and there that she had to find out if this was possible for herself. She made a phone call the next day and was able to book a smile assessment for the following week. To her great relief, Ellen found out from Dr. Wang that complex cases like her own was exactly why PacificWest Dental Group was created to address.

Working as a team, each of the dental specialists were able to thoroughly diagnose all her problems, and come up with a comprehensive treatment plan that addressed her specific needs. What she was most impressed with was the way each doctor was able to explain to her, in easy to understand language, the solution to her problems. Even though her own case was very complex and required treatment from multiple doctors, all her needs were met in one place; there was no running around, and everything was accomplished in a timely manner at the highest level of care.

Over the next several months, Ellen was able to undergo several procedures to restore the health of her gums, correct the alignment of her teeth, remove the ugly staining, and start the process of replacing her missing teeth.

Prosthodontist in Vancouver and Surrey offering comprehensive care

Now that she has the smile she always wanted, she is excited to be in front of the camera, and smiles radiantly at all social situations. Ellen’s long lost confidence was restored and now looks forward to smiling every day!

At PacificWest Dental, we have a team of dental specialists that can provide a broad range of advanced specialized care to tackle your specific complex problem. Our comprehensive care team include orthodontists to straighten your teeth, periodontist to take care of any gum problems, oral surgeon to surgically correct any functional or cosmetic dental or facial changes, and prosthodontist to replace any missing teeth. You can take advantage of our expertise to achieve the smile that you want with confidence.

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