Someone Making Fun of Your Braces? Here are 4 Great Responses.

Poking fun at someone who is wearing braces in Surrey is nothing new, and most of us at some point in our lives have heard people use terms such as metal mouth or brace face. While this attitude is unfortunate, the reality is that more children, teenagers, and adults are choosing to get braces or other orthodontic treatment, and this is a positive thing. So, if someone does decide to make fun of your braces, here are 4 great responses.

Shrug it off

The best thing to do is just to shrug it off and walk away. This means not stooping to the aggressor’s level and being the “bigger person”. This is a great strategy if the unwanted comments are a one-off, but might fail if they continue…

Make a Comeback

The less “mature” response is to make a comeback to the aggressor. Depending on your level of frustration, this could be something minor like “at least my teeth will be straight”, to something brasher like “at least I can fix what’s wrong with my face”. Making a comeback like this does take some guts to do, however.

Ask the Person to Stop

The more grown-up response might be to ask the person to stop. He or she might not realize how the comments are making you feel, and might think they are making a “funny joke”. Usually, people will stop a behavior if they are asked to.

Talk to an Adult

If all else has failed, and it’s a certain individual who continues to make fun, now may be the time to talk to a trusted adult. This could be a parent, teacher, or other trusted person. Let them know what is happening, and how you feel. They should be able to stop the situation from reoccurring.

Having braces is common, and is a great thing that will reward you with a great smile. Don’t let someone ruin the experience for you. If you need an Orthodontist office in Vancouver, give Pacific West Dental a call today.

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