Did you know one in five orthodontic patients are adults?

Did you know that one in five orthodontic patients is an adult?

Dr. Wang with one of our new Adult patients
Dr. Wang with one of our new Adult patients

It is never too late to have a healthy and beautiful smile!  On average, 20% of patients in our orthodontic practice are adults.  It’s not something that is just for kids and teenagers and here is why – Many adults now realize the value of a great smile! It’s not vanity – it’s all tied in with self-esteem, first impressions, and lasting impressions. Let alone the many health benefits of having a healthy and manageable smile.

Many adults have thought about getting braces themselves because they are self-conscious about their smiles.  Orthodontic treatment in Vancouver and Surrey can help correct crooked teeth or spaces that they have been uncomfortable with all their lives.  Straight teeth and a great smile can boost confidence and pride.

Maintaining Dental Health

Because misaligned teeth can make brushing and flossing more difficult, other dental problems, such as tooth decay and gum disease, may arise if oral hygiene is not satisfactory. Also, poor bite can lead to abnormal wearing of tooth surfaces and cause difficulty in chewing.  Orthodontic treatment can help maintaining good dental health easier so that teeth can last for a lifetime.

Many adults may have many concerns about getting braces at an older age.  Here are answers to some of the more commonly asked questions regarding adult orthodontic treatment:

Is orthodontic treatment effective for adults?

Orthodontic treatment is equally effective for adults as for kids and teenagers as long as teeth and gums are healthy.  Orthodontic forces move teeth the same way in patients of any age.

Are there any other options than metal braces?

Metal braces are just one of many options when it comes to orthodontics appliances in Surrey.  Ceramic brackets, also known as “clear braces”, are a popular choice for most adults due to their high esthetic and comfort level.  For patients who would rather get orthodontic treatment without being seen with braces, lingual braces are a good option because they are mounted behind your teeth.  Lastly, the ever-so-popular Invisalign is also a good option for patients who don’t want actual braces cemented on their teeth.

Will orthodontic treatment fit my lifestyle?

You can do almost anything during orthodontic treatment!  After the initial adjustment period, you will find braces become a natural part of life.  There have been great advances in orthodontic technology in recent years so the brackets are now smaller and the wires are gentler on teeth but are even more effective than before.  Therefore, the initial adjustment period has been shortened to a couple of days to weeks.  However, the biggest challenge is to be able to maintain a high standard of home oral care so that your teeth and gum can remain healthy throughout treatment.  It is something that will become second nature once you get used to the routine.

Can I get orthodontic treatment if I have some missing teeth?

Yes.  Usually, the teeth next to the spaces have drifted into the space, making any type of dental restorations difficult to fabricate perfectly.  Orthodontic treatment can create or hold space, align teeth, and correct the bite so that the restorative dentist can achieve the best result with your new restorations.

Can I get orthodontic treatment if I have been treated for gum disease?

As long as the gum disease is not active and is under control, orthodontic treatment can still be rendered.  Your orthodontist will consult with your dentist and/or periodontist about the health of your gums before treatment. If you are a candidate for orthodontic treatment, you will continue to be under regular supervision by your dentist and periodontist while you have braces.

One of our former patients is local Realtor Robbie Johal – Robbie knows just how important it is to have a great smile!

Former patient and successful Realtor Robbie Johal
Former patient and successful Realtor Robbie Johal


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