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Different Types of Braces Available from a Vancouver Orthodontist

older gentleman wearing bracesMany people would love to have straight teeth, but are not sure what types of braces are best for them personally. There are a few different options for braces that are common, effective and safe. Each type can be the best choice for someone, while not ideal for someone else. Talk to your Vancouver orthodontist about your options and what will be best for you.

Bracket Braces

Metal bracket braces are the type of braces most people are familiar with. They attach to each tooth with stainless steel brackets, connected by wiring. They’re lightweight and reasonably comfortable.

Gold braces are an alternative of the same kind of braces, which have been treated with a gold coloring for a different look.

Ceramic braces are also bracket braces, but they are much less visible on the teeth. Ceramic braces are clear in color and are often used on adult patients who want to have less noticeable braces. Ceramic is very strong, but also brittle. It’s easier to break ceramic, so wearers have to be a bit more careful with them.

Lingual braces are a lot like other bracket braces, but are on the inside of the teeth, so are less visible. They’re also molded to fit the wearer’s teeth, so they can be comfortable.

Invisible Orthodontic Appliances

Invisible orthodontic appliances straighten the teeth using a series of invisible and removable aligners that look like a clear retainer. One common brand is Invisalign. These are very popular because they’re so subtle. Plus, they can be removed for eating and brushing teeth. However, the wearer is responsible for wearing them at least 22 hours per day.

Self-Ligating Braces

Self-ligating braces are similar to bracket braces, but use different materials and are designed to fit the mouth of the patient. They’re one of the most technologically advanced options, but tend to come with a price-tag to match.

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