A Friendly, International Orthodontic Practice Can Cater to Your Needs

International-Orthodontic-PracticeVancouver is an increasingly multicultural place. As more people from other countries come to Vancouver and the demographics become more and more varied, you can be sure that the number of languages you hear spoken rises and our city will benefit from the variety of cultural traditions that are shared and in evidence.

Why does it matter when it comes to visiting an orthodontist in Vancouver? If English isn’t your first language and you’re not sure about what they are talking about, you aren’t getting the best care possible.

Dental Language is Also a Foreign Language

While individuals who have grown up going to English-speaking dentists will understand the terminology, it’s not automatically easy to understand what dentists and orthodontists are talking about.

And when you learn English as a foreign language, you don’t necessarily get a lesson in how to talk to the orthodontist. If you’re not sure what the orthodontist is talking about, you may not be able to best care for your oral health or get the right care.

Cultural Considerations

In addition to language considerations, there are also cultural considerations to take into account. Not everyone wants to have their mouth examined and for some refugees or newly arrived immigrants, having a dentist poke around in their mouth can be embarrassing and confusing. Women may not want a male orthodontist to look in their mouths. There are things that not everyone will consider unless they understand the cultural background of their patients.

If you’re new to Vancouver and looking for an orthodontist, it’s a great idea to find someone who can cater to your cultural needs and can even speak your language. That way you’ll know that you’re getting the right dental care and you’ll understand what’s going on at all times. At PacificWest Dental Group we are pleased to offer that kind of personalized and insightful care for our patients.

Dr Wang

Dr. Wang, DDS, MSc, FRCD(C)


Orthodontic specialist, founder of PacificWest Dental Group. Helping people get the perfect smile since 1994!

Dr Kevin

Dr. Kevin Lee, DMD, MSc, FRCD(C)


Specialist in Orthodontics, UBC alumni. Love helping patients get a beautiful smile. Part-time clinical instructor at UBC. 

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