The Impact of a Healthy Smile

The dental community agrees that the health of your mouth reflects the condition of your entire body. Poor dental health often is indictive of other health problems. This is why visiting your dentist regularly can not only keep your smile looking great, but also may provide useful information as to whether or not you may be at risk for certain chronic health conditions. Research has shown that good dental health can help to prevent some diseases from occurring.

The Impact of a Healthy Mouth

There is a strong relationship between gum disease and certain health complications such as stroke and heart disease. Research shows that the majority of systemic diseases such as diabetes and certain cancers actually have oral indicators such as:

  • Swollen gums;
  • Mouth ulcers;
  • Dry mouth; and
  • Excessive gum problems.

If a patient sees their dentist for regular examinations, their dentist may be their first provider to ake note of a health problem in the early stages.

Additionally, improper oral care can lead to health problems such as:

  • Tooth and facial pain;
  • Heart and other major organ problems;
  • Digestion problems.

Seeing your dentist regularly and taking good care of your teeth can help to keep your entire body in good health. Your dentist will also have a chance to detect other potential problems such as poor nutrition, growth and development problems, and improper jaw alignment, among other potential issues.

At home, keeping a healthy mouth should include the following:

  • Brushing twice per day;
  • Flossing daily;
  • Eating a healthy diet;
  • Avoiding cigarettes and tobacco products; and
  • Visiting the dentist regularly.

Keeping a healthy mouth can help you to also help you to keep the rest of your body healthy as well. Be sure to regularly visit your dentist to help watch for any indicators of other potential health problems, and keep your dentist updated with any changes to your health.

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