Is Accelerated Orthodontics for Me?

When you want to get your teeth straightened, there’s usually a nagging voice in the back of your head that already wants to know when the braces can come off. Braces in Vancouver are known to be a timely, and sometimes uncomfortable process, so a new school of thought has come about to combat the length of treatment. Accelerated orthodontics is a new method whose goal is to shorten the length of time needed to straighten the teeth. Some studies claim that accelerated orthodontics can reduce treatment time by between three and eight months.

Accelerated orthodontics requires orthodontic devices (ie. Metal or ceramic braces, Invisalign, or lingual braces in Surrey), and in some cases may also include a minor surgical procedure. The following are some of the currently used accelerated orthotics practices.

PROPEL System – this system follows the idea that creating a small amount of trauma to the mouth will stimulate bone growth, and aid in the braces moving the teeth more quickly. This means that before the braces are placed, an orthodontic in Vancouver surgeon shaves the gums and bones into a shape that allows the teeth to slide more easily into their desired positioning. Some research shows that this method can reduce treatment time by up to 50 percent.

AcceleDent – this system is similar to the PROPEL system but does not require the same amount of invasive surgery. Instead, it relies on a device that emits micro-pulses that encourage bone growth and help the teeth to move more quickly. The patient will wear a mouthpiece around the orthodontics and turn it on for 20 minutes per day. This is considered a safe method to accelerate treatment and is FDA-approved.

The biggest reason that many patients opt for an accelerated method is to reduce treatment in Surrey time – some are aiming to have their teeth straight by a specific day (for a wedding, or graduation for instance), and some would simply rather be done with braces as quickly as possible. No matter the reason, accelerated orthodontics in Surrey is a safe and efficient method for straightening your teeth.

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