Orthodontist for Teens: Preparing Your Teenager for Braces and Beyond

Your orthodontist in Surrey or dentist has recommended braces for your teenager. Now what? Your teen might be excited about their new hardware, or they might be less than thrilled. It’s important to talk with your teenager and help convince them of the value of orthodontic treatment in Surrey while listening to and understanding their concerns. You’ll want to help prepare your teenager for braces, especially if yours is hesitant or nervous about the idea. Here are a few things you can do.


Remind Them How Common Braces Are

Remind your teenager that braces are very common among teenagers and even some adults. It’s estimated that around 50% of people will have braces in Vancouver at some point in their lives. Maybe some of your teen’s friends already have braces or even your teen’s favorite celebrity wore braces before achieving their perfect smile. (Try to find a picture!) Maybe you had braces as a child. If your teenager is self-conscious about their new look, it can help to remind them how common braces are so they don’t feel alone.  


Prepare a List of Questions

Your child may have a lot of questions about their new treatment. How long will I need to wear braces? What can I eat while wearing braces? How do I keep them clean? Will they hurt? These are just some of the questions your teen might be thinking. Together with your child, prepare a list of questions to ask the orthodontist in Vancouver. When your teenager is allowed to ask questions this can help them feel more part of the process and they might also be less nervous if they know what to expect.  


Look at Different Treatment Options

There are different types of braces, including metal, ceramic, or Invisalign. Ask your Vancouver orthodontist about your teenager’s options and let your teen help decide. Research each type with your teenager and weigh out the pros and cons. Your teenager will feel better about the process if they have some control over their treatment. Maybe your teen would love to pick colourful elastics to go with their metal braces or perhaps your teen would be more comfortable with a less visible option. Your child will feel more confident with braces that suit his or her personality.  


Remind Your Teen of the Benefits

It’s important to explain the benefits of orthodontic care to your teenager. Most children and teens like instant gratification, and yours might not look forward to living with braces without seeing immediate results. Remind them that braces are a temporary process and that the result will be worth any initial discomfort.

Especially if your child is self-conscious of their smile, remind them that braces will help straighten out their teeth and keep their teeth healthy. Focus on the positive and try to help your teenager do the same!

Transitioning to life with braces can be tough for teenagers. At PacificWest Dental in Vancouver, we’re here to help choose the right treatment for your child, answer your questions, and help prepare your teenager for braces and beyond. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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