5 Clear Signs You May Require Orthodontic Services

orthodontic servicesWho doesn’t love a bright smile? Smiling makes you feel on top of the world, especially when your teeth are straight and properly aligned. If you haven’t been blessed with straight teeth or have other issues you’re not happy with, it may be time to find out if orthodontic services in Surrey can help you.

Here are 5 clear signs you may require orthodontic services in Vancouver:

  1. Crowded and crooked teeth. Do you have teeth that almost overlap each other, or others that sit crooked in your mouth? When some teeth seem to stick out more than others, these are known as malocclusions and should be corrected.
  2. Teeth too far apart. This is the opposite of teeth crowding. Here you have gaps or spaces in between your teeth. You may have had a tooth removed and your other teeth haven’t moved together to fill the space. As well as not having the appearance you might wish, this can impact the functioning of your mouth and jaw.
  3. Look at your bite. When you bite down, there should be no overlapping of the top teeth over the bottom. Lower teeth can protrude beyond the top teeth too.
  4. Mouth misalignment. When your teeth don’t line up correctly, this leads to misaligned bites and a misaligned jaw. You may have difficulty chewing or suffer frequent headaches. Misalignment can also cause damage to the roof of your mouth.
  5. Do you have a lisp? Lisping may also be due to a malocclusion, which can be corrected with braces.

The first thing you want to do is to speak with your dentist. They will do a thorough examination of your mouth and determine whether you need orthodontic services. Even if you are an adult, the time may be right for your teeth to be fixed at long last.

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