Choosing TruDenta for TMJ and Pain Management

asianlady1The human body is an interconnected web of nerves and muscles. Misalignment, misuse, or injury of one part of the body can have serious consequences in other areas, often in ways that aren’t obvious. This holds when it comes to chronic head and neck pain.

The National Institutes of Health reports that between 15 and 45 million Americans exhibit some form of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ), a pain caused by problems in the jaw and surrounding facial muscles. Meanwhile, the National Headache Foundation has found that over 45 million Americans suffer from recurring headaches.

Research suggests that as many as 80 percent of tension headaches and migraines are the result of dental force-related problems. Perhaps because this pain is so common, many dental patients do not report their head or jaw pain to their dentist or primary physician.

TruDenta is a comprehensive assessment and treatment technology that measures the forces of the mouth’s muscles, tendons, nerves, teeth, and joints to locate imbalances and treat chronic symptoms such as migraine headaches and TMJ, which are considered a result of these unequal forces acting on the jaw, head, and neck.

The TruDenta treatment system is used over 8-12 therapy sessions. Each patient receives a home care kit with special instructions for home therapy routines they can perform to make the treatment program successful.  Each patient is also fitted for a rehabilitative orthotic to be worn nightly throughout the entire course of treatment.

If the patient is compliant with the treatment and performs their home therapies, within a 10 to 12-week period, dentists can restore the proper balance to a patient’s dental force and provide relief to their chronic ongoing pain. Patients return once a month, or as necessary, for maintenance therapy.

If you suffer from pain, you know how valuable relief can be. TruDenta offers relief.  Pacific West Dental Group provides TruDenta services in their Surrey and Vancouver, BC orthodontic offices.

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